Beauty Balms 101

What exactly is a beauty balm?  First developed in Germany in the 1960’s under the name Blemish Balm, BB Creams were designed to streamline your beauty routine.  This little product promises to do what six other tubes/bottles can do.  Tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, concealer, foundation and skin serum.  BB Creams began picking up steam in South Korea and soon became a sensation across Asia.  However, Beauty Balms did not work their way to the United States until about 2011.  Now you find every cosmetic brand has their version of a beauty balm.  The idea of a beauty balm is a great idea, and for the most part does a great job of evening your skin and moisturizing.  However, if you are planning to use a beauty balm as your daily sunscreen, I recommend using an additional facial sunscreen to protect your skin.  And don’t forget to put your sunscreen on last, which is a common made.  Also, some women who are prone to oily skin or acne might find a beauty balm is not for them.  Just like any new beauty product, if you are expecting a “miracle” you might find yourself feeling a little disillusioned.  However, women who apply moisturizer, sunscreen, primer and foundation every morning might find a BB Cream to be a warm welcome to their makeup regimen.  Just keep in mind that not all BB Creams are created equal, so you may have to search to find the BB Cream that is right for you.

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