Naturally Flavored Waters

Soft drinks, energy drinks and juice. With the plethora of drink choices in front of us, it can be hard to consume the right amount of water daily and frankly it can sometimes feel like a chore. On top of that, we find ourselves consuming large amounts of sugary beverages daily. Infused water allows you to enjoy in the flavor of your favorite fruits/vegetables, while also extracting their beneficial nutrients. Infused waters can assist in curbing your appetite, building up your immunities, aiding in weight loss, helping to relieve day-to-day stress, and boosting your energy levels. And don’t forget the effects infused waters can have on your overall skin completion and hair health. I always use leftover vegetables and fruit which are perfect for throwing in my infused water, which also proves to be cost beneficial.

Points to keep in mind:

  • For best taste, allow the water to sit for 30-minutes before drinking
  • You can reuse the fruit/veggies/herbs in your infused water, however discard after 48-hours
  • Drink at room temperature

Here are a few of my favorite infused water mixtures:

Lime + Orange + Lemon = Great for immunity defense, regulating digestion and heartburn

Cucumber + Lemon + Lime = Great for appetite control, regulating digestion and hydration

Green tea + Mint + Lime = Great for regulating digestion, headaches and fat-burning

Cucumber + Kiwi + Strawberry = Great for regulating digestion and regulating blood sugar

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