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Aloe Vera based Sunless Tanning products

How are you all doing? Hope you have found a way to keep it cool in this hot humid weather! Drinking lot of water and keeping the body hydrated will help your skin to look and feel radiant even on a hot sunny day.

Speaking of hydration, I have found that Aloe Vera works really well. Products made with Aloe Vera juice help to keep skin hydrated due to the incredible moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera.

We use Aloe Vera in most products and sunless tanning products made with Aloe Vera are very moisturizing. Recently we have received some calls that made me write this post. Misguided information  about products made with Aloe Vera Juice,some companies promoting  that products made with Aloe Vera Juice are thick, tacky and sticky, leaving the skin feeling wet longer period of time  after spray tan and aloe products clog pores – that is far from the truth.

Aloe Vera used in cosmetics, personal care products most likely are 1:1 or 10:1 ratio liquid or sometime used as a 200x powder (which can be reconstituted in a liquid form just before using in products) all of these versions have the same viscosity as a water, leaving the skin feeling  smooth and not tacky or sticky, so even if Aloe Vera is the very first ingredient in the products ingredient list, the end result does not feel tacky , sticky and it does not leaves skin feeling wet for a long period of time.

You might ask why Aloe Vera Gels or Jelly’s found in the stores are thick and green or clear and sometime tacky to the touch. All of these gel or jelly products are  formulated with a combination of  Carbomer and TEA( Triethanolamine)  which creates a perfect gel or some time used is Xanthan gums or Cellulose , all these leaves the skin feeling a bit wet until it dries but it is not the aloe juice that causes this, it is the other ingredients .

If you have ever applied Aloe Juice direct from the plant, it will feel a bit sticky until it dries.  Aloe powders available in the market place for cosmetic or food  industry use are either freeze dried or spray dried. We like to use IASC certified  Aloe Vera powder. IASC stands for International Aloe Science Council, it is a third party verification process that makes sure purity of aloe products,

How do they make aloe powder from Aloe Vera plants?

Aloe plants are freshly harvested, inner gel is then carefully removed to ensure it does not disrupt the Aloin layer, then all the collected gel is processed to remove all the pulp and fiber, gel is then pasteurized to maintain efficacy and concentration using temperature evaporation, concentrated gel is then freeze dried without the use of any matrix, preservation or any other additives.

I hope this gives some idea on how aloe juice are used in cosmetic products including sunless tanning solution. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at AYU labs

Enjoy your life and be healthy!

Spray tanning in hot humid weather

Hey you all, hope you are enjoying your summer vacation, staying safe from the sun and looking radiant!

As the weather is becoming hot and humid each passing day of summer, we are receiving quite a few emails about what airbrush technicians can do to make their clients feel comfortable after spray tanning and achieving a gorgeous even tan.

Few tips:

Make sure you work in well air condition room and if needed keep fan circulating air as well.

When clients walk in, look at their skin. Use a pre-tan prep spray  to ensure that the oils and stickiness from the perspiration is being wiped off resulting in a  smooth clean skin surface ready for spray tan.

If clients says they shower before arriving for a appointment  you should still prep them with pre-tan spray and make them understand why it is necessary – because if skin is left sticky or wet and sweaty the solution would not adhere to the skin effectively.

Once you finish spraying your client make sure that the fan is facing them and give them time to completely dry. Once they feel dry I would recommend  a light dusting of smooth talc free powder to neck, arm creases, under breast and the back of knees. Any place you see a skin overlapping it is a good to lightly dust some powder to keep solution from rubbing off. If you find a bronzing powder it is even better. Ask your solution supplier who can help with that.

Ask client to get dressed in loose fitting clothing and give them time to sit and relax for at least 20 to 30 minutes after they get dressed.  Offer magazines or soft drinks before they walk out of the door as this will give enough time for solution to set in and client will have no more tacky or sticky feeling that they will want to wash off as soon as they get home due to humidity.

I hope that this helps to make your client feel wonderful and they will appreciate your attention to customer service in their hearts.

Keep smiling and enjoying sunless tanning, a good combination for a radiant look!