Competition Tan

Maxiums Extreme is a collection of products that are specifically designed for body building and fitness competitor. Working with many competitor and spray tanning technicians who works at these events we have learned that being a competitor in bodybuilding and fitness competitions means you need tanning products that are different than everyday spray tanning products. We realize that one of the most important things prior to stepping on stage for your event is your tan. You need a tan that will define and enhance your physique on stage to win that championship.

We are proud to say Maximus Extreme Tan and Maximus Liquid Bronzer has the darkest bronzer and most intense competition color. These products will define and enhances your muscle definition in any lighting so it is clearly visible to the judges. Easy application, exceptional drying time, and minimal rub off are additional benefits.

 Maximus Extreme product collection formulated with natural botanical oils, butter and extracts mixed with skin safe cosmetic ingredients for optimal results. These products works synergistically with each other, to help competitors achieve their winning look.

Maximus Extreme Collection includes following products

Maximus Extreme Tan 

Maximus Liquid Bronzer (Bronzer only)

Maximus Extreme Posing Glaze

Maximus Extreme Self Tanning Mist

Maximus Extreme Self Tanning Mousse

Maximus Extreme Body Lotion

Maximus Extreme Body Butter

Maximus Extreme Tan Removing Gel

Professional sizes and retail case packs are available; please register to access our professional site