This is a dictionary of few ingredients found in our products. This information is given for your interest and further knowledge.

 A material first approved by the FDA for use in cosmetic products nearly 30 years ago. The material reacts with the free amino groups in the upper layer of the dermis provides a natural looking tanned appearance. AYU International use this material in combination with Erythrulose to provide an even more natural color. 

Erythrulose: is a natural keto-sugar which reacts with free amino groups (Maillard's reaction). This reaction with free amino groups of the amino acids of keratin in the skin leads to the formation of brownish polymers, the so-called melanoids. ERYTHRULOSE has been developed to reduce disadvantages of the presently available self-tanning solutions, namely an irregular and streaky tan as well as a strong drying effect.

Aloe Barbadensis Gel: One of the most revered medicinal plants with a long history of use on the skin for soothing and moisturizing

Caramel: A natural coloring material which also provides a good skin feel