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Smooth Glow Finishing Powder(1oz)
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Smooth Glow Finishing Powder(1oz)

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What It Is:
sample of AYU Smooth Glow Spray Tan Finishing Powder is formulated as a multi-use powerhouse to fulfill your post-tanning needs. It applies translucent but has a clear depth of buildable coverage. That means your bronzer color stays fresh, no white marks appear on the skin, and it helps to set, seal and dry freshly applied spray tans. It also keeps spray tans smudge-free and stops bronzer from transferring to the other surfaces! We love how our Smooth Glow Finishing Powder also alleviates any potential sticky feeling and has odor-blocking and neutralizing properties to prevent DHA from developing an odor.

What it does:

  • Control oiliness and sweat and decreases shine to keep your freshly applied tan looking flawless and silky smooth.
  • It keeps spray tan smudge free and stops bronzer from transferring to the other surfaces
  • it has odor blocking and neutralizing properties, which helps with the DHA developing odor.
  • Signature Smooth Glow “Gentle Coconut Breeze” fragrance
  • Natural skin-safe ingredients
  • This product is formulated without talc, mineral oil, alcohol, gluten, and nuts.

Recommended you use with our Smooth Glow Powder Applicator Brush for Spray Tan Artist. Click Here to add to your order!


Price: $15.00

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