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Vino Bronzing Mousse-Mitt and Moisturizer Bundle
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Vino Bronzing Mousse-Mitt and Moisturizer Bundle

Vino Bronzing Tanning Mousse is 5oz

Vino Bronzing Self Tanning Mousse is a lightweight quick drying self- tanner for all skin types. our  best plush tanning mitt for ease of full body application to achieve a smooth even look and Vino daily moisturize our skin to keep tan looking plump and vibrant

Vino Bronzing Mousse Details:

Vino Bronzing Mousse is professional strength formula that is fast drying lightweight self-tanning foam with instant bronzer and skin nourishing ingredients. It dries quickly and delivers deep rich bronze tan without subjecting your skin to the aging effect of sun exposure.

What it does

  •    It gives believable brown tan without spending hours in the Sun
  •    Quick-drying, tinted foam ensures a flawless application
  •    Beautiful guide color for easy application
  •    Streak free, long lasting tan
  •    Provides a natural-looking, streak-free tan
  •    Long-lasting, odor-free, mildly scented formula—no tell-tale self-tanner smell!
  •    Formulated for use on the face and body
  •    For all skin type
Vino Daily Moisturizer (8oz)

Vino Bronzing Daily Moisturizer is rich in polyphenols, a potent antioxidant which fortifies the skin. This light weight lotion leaves your skin feel soft and hydrated and lightly fragranced.

What it does:

  • Help the skin fight against accelerating aging elements
  • Smooths and softens the skin
  •    Help to protect the skin’s own moisture barrier
  •    Nourish and hydrate the skin
Smooth Glow Tan Applicator Mitt detail:

Smooth Glow Tan applicator mitt is the most luxurious plush velvety mitt ever for applying self tanners and bronzers streak-free and flawlessly!

This mitt has the water-resistant lining inside to keep your hands completely clean. Smooth even results with every application.

It is a double sided mitt that allows you to be flexible to use it on either hand to apply self tanner.

Easy to clean. Just wash the tanning applicator mitt with soap, water, and air-dry.


Price: $57.00

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