"You can never be too educated,
too well-traveled, or too tan."
In the days of old, a golden, sun-kissed tan was the coveted reward for either lounging for hours in the sun or lying in artificial tanning beds. Unfortunately, both options deliver powerful UV radiation that contributes to uneven skin tone and premature aging while significantly increasing the risk of skin cancer. Thankfully, a modern tanning evolution is underway and AYU Sunless is proud to be on the leading edge of that movement.

Today, you can safely self-tan at home or with a professional in your favorite salon. The process takes just minutes and there’s absolutely no risk of UV radiation. Even better? The results speak for themselves. With AYU Sunless, there’s no need to sacrifice your health for your appearance. We’re dedicated to creating nourishing skin treatments that deliver streak-free, smooth, rich tans that fade evenly, without so much as a drop of sunshine.  

AYU Sunless prides itself on personalized service and relentlessly dedication to our customers. We infuse our business with a degree of respect, courtesy, and professionalism that’s often coveted, but rarely delivered.  The AYU Difference isn’t simply what’s inside our bottles, but how we treat you, too!

Ayu Bino Bronzing
What’s in a Name?
Thousands of years before modern medicine provided the first glimmers of scientific evidence revealing the mind-body connection, the sages of ancient India developed Ayurveda, a system of living designed to promote balance and health. Strictly translated, Ayurveda means “the science of life” and this science lies at the very core of Indian society.

Vibha Makwana, the founder of AYU Sunless, was born into an Indian family living in Tanzania and her mother infused daily life with Ayurvedic principles from an early age. “I grew up in home where living naturally and paying close attention to our health and wellness was a part of our everyday life,” says Vibha. The connection between mind and body was tangibly woven through every facet of her life. Vibha was encouraged to eat a balanced diet rich in colorful foods and earthy spices. She took up a yogic practice to relieve stress and focused on proper breathing. Today, that holistic Ayurvedic tradition is as present in AYU’s formulations as it was in her Indian home as a child.

AYU Sunless tanning products blend modern, science-based active ingredients with Vibha’s passion for natural ingredients, her world travels, and her rich history of using herbs to achieve balance and wellness. The result? Luxurious sunless tanning formulations that harvest the bounty of the earth to deliver streak-free tans that nourish and hydrate. Each product carries the “AYU Sunless” label as a nod to the rich Ayurvedic traditions that inspired it.

The AYU difference
Over the years, you may have heard some rather unflattering things about the sunless tanning industry. We have, too, and- frankly- we’re disappointed. Too many companies over-hype and under-deliver. They disseminate misinformation that’s often reckless and sometimes dangerous. They put profits before people. At AYU Sunless, we passionately believe that you deserve better.

Today, we’re setting a new standard in the sunless tanning industry. We blend our remarkable pedigrees as seasoned chemists with a deep understanding of ancient Indian Ayurvedic principles and an unwavering commitment to a strong code of ethics to create the most decadent indoor tanning products available today.

AYU Sunless Chart

The AYU promise
AYU Sunless is leading a quiet revolution in the sunless tanning industry and we’re proud to make daily commitments that matter.
  • We fully disclose each and every ingredient on our product labels and website.
  • Our formulas combine high concentrations of actives, blended with rich botanical ingredients.
  • We never, ever sacrifice quality at the altar of cost.
  • Each of our ingredients is carefully selected and proven safe.
  • AYU Sunless products deliver a healthy golden glow while simultaneously nourishing + protecting your skin.
  • We offer the most flexible range of unique formulations and color blends available on the market, so you can create a fully customized tan.
  • Each product is made fresh in small batches in our own GMP compliant laboratory.
  • We don’t simply deliver superior tanning products. We support those products with a relentless dedication to our customers.

We love label readers!
Why? Because we have nothing to hide! Rather than filling our sunless bronzers, tanning preparation and tanning aftercare products with synthetic ingredients and cheap fillers, we’ve raised the bar to create elegant tanning products enriched with natural botanicals and some of the most luxurious, most potent ingredients collected from around the globe.

We hand-select the finest botanicals: red tea from South Africa, white tea from China, shea butter from West Africa, jojoba oil from Mexico, and muscadine grapes grown all along throughout the southern United States. We carefully balance and blend those botanicals with natural aloe vera, vitamins and deeply-conditioning hyaluronic acid to create Ayurvedic-inspired sunless tanning products that infuse and fortify the skin as they kiss it with a radiant glow.

Other brands sometimes include trace amounts of botanical-based ingredients. But lean in closer and we’ll share a secret: the FDA regulates every tanning product distributed within the U.S. They require that ingredients be listed in “descending order of predominance” on product labels. Here’s what that means for you: the ingredient you see first is the one that’s present in the highest concentration. The lower down an ingredient appears on the list? The less of it there is in the product.

Go ahead...read your AYU Sunless labels. We have a feeling that you’ll like what you see!

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