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Lets help our Kids-hunger at home in USA!

Before I start this blog topic, I would admit, I am not a writer or not an avid blogger. I am working on that but proving hard  to do but in the past two weeks something has been on my mind and I have to come to ask you all for help!

Since I watched the news about hunger at home which refers to hunger right here in USA I am just so sad. I have two boys and my husband and I  work really hard  to make sure they get life better than ours and  it is so mind boggling that our neighbors might be going through a situation that they don’t have enough food  for their kids even though both parents work?

Here is a link on ABC ‘s website if you are interested in watching:

I am a small business owner in Ooltewah, Tennessee and I just searched to see how I can help. Yes, I am guilty of not knowing these details as we have moved a few times including different states so I was not aware of how I can help as a small business. I want to help as much as I can to my local community and to lend a helping hand and my first goal is to deliver 100 food cans or $100 worth of food to Chattanooga food bank before the month of September ends. I am a manufacture of skin care products so I don’t have foot traffic to my facility and cannot host a “food drive” but I thought if you can help me and show me your support just by  clicking “like”  to our business page

As soon as we hit the 200 mark we will deliver the food and then start a new goal. If you are based in the Ooltewah area and have another suggestion please feel free to leave a comment or if you are a business in Chattanooga and think we can join partnership to help with community food help for our kids who are not getting daily food.

Let’s help our kids, because they are our future – If we can’t have them healthy, nourished and educated how will we flourish as a nation?