Should you be adding anti-aging and other similar serums to your AYU sunless tanning solutions?

In our experience, if you are exploring these anti-aging serum additives it signals that your ideal client is looking for health conscious beauty products. It also means that as a sunless tanning professional, you want to maximize the healthy skin benefits you can provide your clients. As additional results (along with a gorgeous tan) such as anti-aging and skin nourishment are becoming the new norms in the sunless tanning industry, AYU has been in the forefront of creating products already integrated with the latest healthy skin technology by using a micro emulsion base along with various extracts, vitamins, lipids, peptides, and liposomes that provide important skin benefits with each and every session which includes worry free efficiency and consistency.

The only time you should consider using additional serums in your sunless tanning solutions are when the products you are using do not contain any anti-aging or skin beneficial ingredients. You may think of using serums as a way of up-selling or customizing your service but you’re limiting your claims by what additive you use. Serums normally aim to target one healthy skin concept, while leaving others completely unaddressed, and adding multiple serums is not cost effective. However, when using AYU sunless tanning solution, our clients can claim multiple methods of skin benefits found in all of our products and highlight certain aspects of different product lines such as the hydrating, rejuvenating and rich antioxidant ingredients of our “Vino Bronzing” line or the amazing skin firming, restoring, and replenishing properties of our “Tanvee Advanced” solutions.

Serum additives can also create consistency, efficacy and concentration problems when you’re spraying throughout the day. For example, you add 4 drops of serum into your spray gun cup for your first appointment. After that appointment, you will most likely have extra solution left in your cup but you’ll need to refill your cup for your next appointment. How much more serum should you add? You still have some solution with serum leftover, so should you refill your cup and add a few drops of serum or throw the leftover solution out and refill your cup with new solution? With each choice you are either reducing your consistency and efficacy of your following session or you’re wasting solution.

All of the effective skin ingredients which are responsible for providing healthy skin benefits are supposed to be used at certain concentration in formulas to spark change. Using as few drops per treatment dilutes the results. We formulate our products with the concentrations of our beneficial ingredients already calculated and added at the time of the batch processing so the complete product has equal distribution and concentration so it’s ready for you to use without worrying about if the end result will vary from session to session.

Additive serums are a good and effective way of boosting the healthy skin effects of your sunless tanning solutions in theory, but in reality they are not well rounded, they create consistency problems, and concentrations of healthy skin ingredients are not guaranteed to be high enough to make a change. We do not recommend adding additive serums to our AYU sunless tanning products because we have already pre-formulated our products to provide the best healthy skin benefits for you and your clients’ skin!

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