What are spray tan bronzers (color guide)?

Bronzer or color guide are mix of FD&C colors or D&C colors that give an instant temporary tanned appearance to a client’s skin before the DHA in the solution has a chance to start mallard reaction and begin tanning their skin.

Bronzers in the spray tan solution are temporary and last only until first shower after spray tan session. When spraying your clients you should always let them know that the instant tan they see now are bronzers and will wash off when they take their initial shower. This is very important so they don’t panic when they see some color washing down their drain! Always remember to reassure them that it’s not their final tan.

Why is it necessary to have bronzer in a spray tan solution?

In addition to providing that instantly-tanned appearance to your clients skin during a spray tanning session, the bronzer also works as a “coloring guide” on the client’s skin: It helps spray tan artist to see where they are spraying ensuring an even application and prevents them from spraying too much or too little product on any one part of the body.

At AYU we offer spray tan solutions with bronzer and without. We also offer only bronzer only solution for clients who do not want to commit for long term tan and needs a tan look for an event.

Also, our formulation are designed such way that would not rub off or transfer bronzers but it is always a good idea to recommend that client wear loose-fitting, darker clothes after spray session to minimize any temporary bronzer rub-off, this is very rare when using AYU spray tanning solutions

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